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Your path to health starts at Wilmington Upper Cervical. You have only one spine. Keep it healthy and strong with chiropractic care. Our team is committed to providing the most effective health care solutions

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Our doctors are all Wilmington UC Chiropractors.

This means they have gone beyond their doctorate degree in chiropractic and have taken hundreds of hours of post-graduate training studying the top two bones of the neck, the atlas, and the axis. This procedure has provided the opportunity to help patients from all over the world with a wide range of conditions.

Our Wilmington team is dedicated to helping people. We gather each morning before our first appointment and go through the schedule of patients for the day. We talk about who is coming in, how he or she is progressing, and how we can better serve each patient. At the Upper Cervical Spine Center of Wilmington, we have one goal for each person that walks into our office: To make his or her life better

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What is UCC
What is UCC

The brain controls all messages to every cell in the body, including messages of health and healing.[...]

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The Misalignment
The Misalignment

The focus of Upper Cervical Care is the correct alignment of the two vertebrae in the spine: the atlas [...]

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The Correction
The Correction

An adjustment is the physical correction of a misaligned joint. When a vertebra is misaligned, [...]

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Adjustment FAQ
Adjustment FAQ

That is ideally what we are trying to achieve. However, it is extremely rare that anyone needs just one [...]

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How Long
How Long

There is no simple answer to this question. However, there are three guidelines or Rules of Healing that [...]

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The Difference
The Difference

After graduating from general chiropractic college, Upper Cervical doctors continue post-graduate [...]

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We know that
the body is a self
healing organism

Patients suffering from a variety of conditions—including migraines, headaches, low back pain, tingling in the hands, jaw problems, facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia), fibromyalgia, and other nerve disorders—have reported improvements with their health through Upper Cervical Care.

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William Stewart

I've been visiting Dr Shaws office for several weeks to correct an issue with my lower back. I now no longer have to stop while I'm walking to ease the ...
2022.04.06 — 3 months ago

Gage Allen

Dr. Shaw took great care of me while I worked with him and lived in Charlotte to make sure my health was always at its highest potential. He is so ...
2022.03.19 — 3 months ago

Rachel Toole

I get migraines that are absolutely debilitating to my everyday life. I’ve tried it all, prescriptions and over the counter pain relief medications. Nothing helped, until I saw Dr. ...
2022.01.18 — 5 months ago

Common Conditions

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For all the different types of headaches and migraines, it's the upper part of your neck that could be causing it [...]


Neck pain and shoulder pain can be signs of a bigger health problem that affects the spinal cord in your neck [...]


Disorders that affect the Trigeminal Nerve are some of the most horrific conditions known to human kind [...]


Vertigo and dizziness are often major indicators that something is truly wrong with your neck [...]


Because your upper neck affects your brain, it can cause major problems anywhere in your body [...]


Back pain is one of the most common conditions to affect people … but it doesn’t always come from the back [...]

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